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אפשר לשתף את הקסם...

Hello Magicians and Mentalists

Thanks for visiting my website and welcome.

I have not published many of my ideas yet but hopefully they will be published in the future 🙂

A few of my tricks have been published in Harry Lorraine\'s Apocalypse, a coin move, a scissors appearance on a rope and a color change with cards.

I have published my handling of Anniversary Waltz on Genii Magazine.

A card effect named Nostradamus, involving a prediction and a special filter .

Hope to have some more items for you in the near future.

Nostradamus Trick Cover by Israeli Magician Ori Ashkenazy (Cover Designed by HaimGoldendenberg)

If you purchased Nostradamus, there are instructions on how to get a flash file to do the trick. I recently tried to look for the original ZIP file which
contained the flash, exe and other possibilities but couldn't find it. So here is a link to a temporary flash-swf file and I will prepare a new
PowerPoint file too in a few days.


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אפשר לשתף את הקסם...
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