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מופע קסמים למבוגרים בהפלגה על אניה בקאריבים מופע קסמים למבוגרים בהפלגה על אניה בקאריבים מופע עם חתן השמחה באירוע בר מצווה בקימבה צירופי מקרים הם לא דבר נדיר  משה עטיה עוזר לי לחבר את היד למקום  Close-up Magic at events with miracles happening in people's hands

Magic Ways

An exciting, funny and amazing stand up magic show about wonder and happiness
In an ORIginal Close-Up Magic show, combining humor, metaphore and audience participation, you will be reminded how magical life is.
Ori demonstrates how our senses mislead us on a daily basis, what is happiness and its magical secret, why wonder is so important, how we create reality, and more.
These questions are answered in a humorous and amazing show that is highly interactive and full of surprises.
The show can be presented to small or large groups and, with advance preparation, will be tailor made for your event.
Approximately 60 minutes long.
Before this show Ori uses his close up magic to warm-up the audience and get them ready for the show.

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At intimate events Ori excites audiences with his Close-Up magic, and so he designed a show that puts love in the center of attention:

Close Up on Love

 Celebrate the wonder and Close-Up Magic of love

he truth, the illusions and the beauty of this amazing miracle called love become the subject of this thrilling, amazing and entertaining close up magic show. The magic leaves the audience with WOWs, and the celebrating couple with a memorable and meaningful souvenir.
For this Close-Up Magic show Ori uses small items such as rings, cards, coins, ropes, etc.
The show is 50 minutes long for audiences of up to 40 people.

Here is a taste from the show at the world-famous Magic Castle. Enjoy!

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Magic and Leadership Lecture and Workshop

The amazing similarity between the Magician and the Leader

In addition to the magic performances Ori created a lecture/workshop that details how Magical principles helped leaders in achieving Amazing results. Magicians know how to attract attention, make things visible (and make other things disappear), overcome skepticism, create a believable atmosphere, and do the impossible. In many ways these secrets could help leaders and managers get better results.

The Lecture/Workshop includes teach-a-trick parts and can be made to fit many different objectives. Call Ori to learn more about this amazing new product.

About The Magician…

Ori Ashkenazy studied magic with some of magic’s greats, has performed in New York’s longest running magic show “Monday Night Magic” and in the world-famous Magic Castle in Los Angeles, California.

With over 20 years of experience in the business of creating wonder all over the world working in versatile venues such as hotels, cruise-ships, trade-shows, night-clubs, showrooms and corporate events, so don’t be surprised you keep being surprised!

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