Bar/Bat Mitzvah Magic Experience

Pictures from various events Ori participated in as Bar & Bat Mitzvah Magician and Mentalist in Israel and abroad…

בת מצווה מוארת במיוחד מופע רחוב בקובנט גארדן סתם בשביל התרגול בת מצווה בלוס אנג'לס כשעושים בבר המצווה קסמי קלוז אפ זה לא רק לגדולים על הבמה עם נער בר המצווה 309.jpg קוסם בבר מצווה עם מופע מקסים שהופך את חתן השמחה למנטליסט קלוז אפ באירוע בר מצווה Close-up Magic at events with miracles happening in people's hands קוסם עם קלפים באירוע בר מצווה בבית כנסת רפורמי באירוע בר מצווה, מופע מצחיק ששם את חתן המסיבה במרכז ומשתף גם אורחים אחרים

Hocus Pocus with the Bar Mizvah boy in Focus!

Bar and Bat Mitzvah Magician – Amazing Entertainment

Bar Mitzvah celebration is a very magical event, and a Bar Mitzvah magician will connect, excite and bring joy to the family and friends. (I write Bar Mitzvah, but that applies to Bat Mitzvah Celebrations just as well)

Table Hopping and Close Up Magic…

Ori will meet your guests right from the start…He excites wonder in them with his funny, amazing and engaging close up magic. Strange things happen – Objects become animated, Coins jump invisibly from one place to the other, Flames appear, Minds are read, Cards print out by themselves, Stories are told, futures are foretold – Unbelievable! 🙂

The Bar Mitzvah boy becomes a Mentalist?

Usually, after the main course Ori performs a magic show featuring the Bar Mitzvah boy or Bat Mitzvah girl. In the entertaining magic and mind-reading show the celebrating youth successfully reads people's minds, connects childhood and adulthood and saves the magician from making mistakes. The show ends by Ori blessing the boy or girl in a very magical way.

While your guests will not be sure they are experiencing an illusion or reality, they will surely be amazed, enthusiastic and talk about this wonderful event!

About The Magician…

Magician Ori Ashkenazy studied magic at the Academy of Magical Arts, has performed in New York’s longest running magic show “Monday Night Magic” and in the world-famous "Magic Castle" in Los Angeles, California. With over 20 years of experience in the business of creating wonder all over the world working in versatile venues such as hotels, cruise-ships, trade-shows, night-clubs, showrooms and corporate events, so don’t be surprised you keep being surprised. Ori performed at Bar and Bat Mitzvah celebrations in USA, Germany, England and in Israel. He enjoys melting hearts and bringing wondrous joy to people's faces.

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