Magician Mentalist Ori Ashkenazy

Magician Mentalist Ori Ashkenazy

Wonderful Shows for Amazing Events


מופע קסמים על גבי אניה באיים הקאריבים - חבלים ישר מהסיפון
Magician mentalist Show on a cruiseliner

Magic Ways

An exciting, funny and amazing stand up magic show about wonder and happiness

The mind games happening onstage and in the minds of the audience during the show create a wonder-full, humor-full thought-provoking experience of an artist seeking truth in a world full of illusions.

The show deals with the way we perceive reality, the power of imagination to affect and even heal, as well as the power of here and now.

Amidst the funny occurrences, miracles and audience participation, I share a few magical secrets. Amazingly, this causes more wonder and makes the audience laugh and remain involved and excited.

Predictions prove right against logic, people will do things they never thought they could, our magical nature exposed, experience events for which we have no explanation… and mainly, your audience will open-up and laugh whole-heartedly.

P.S. Even you the skeptics will come out of this show with a big smile on your face.

The show last approximately 60 minutes.

This Magician Mentalist show is tailor made to suit your needs and especially suitabale for small events of up to 120 people.

A stand-up style metaphoric magic show that's great for company events, parties and fun evenings. The audience participate actively on stage and in the seats to create a uniting spirit with fresh optimism to any event.

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קסמים ליד השולחנות - קסם הטבעת המופיעה במקום בלתי הגיוני ולגמרי לא צפוי
Close-up magician mentalist surrounded by people who want to feel the miracles happening

At intimate events let me excite your audience with my Close-Up magic. This show puts love in the center of attention:

Close Up on Love

 Celebrate the wonder and Close-Up Magic of love

The truth, the illusions and the beauty of this amazing miracle called love become the subject of this thrilling, amazing and entertaining close up magic show.

The magic leaves the audience with WOWs, and the celebrating couple with a memorable and meaningful souvenir.

For this Close-Up Magic show I use small items such as rings, cards, coins, ropes, etc.
The show is 50 minutes long for audiences of up to 40 people.

Here is a taste from the show at the world-famous Magic Castle. Enjoy!

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About The Magician…

Hi, I am Ori Ashkenazy. I studied magic with some of magic's greats, performed in New York’s longest running magic show “Monday Night Magic” and in the world-famous Magic Castle in Los Angeles, California.

I have over 30 years of experience as Magician Mentalist in the business of creating wonder all over the world.

I worked in versatile venues such as:

  • hotels,
  • cruise-ships,
  • trade-shows,
  • night-clubs,
  • showrooms
  • corporate events
  • Private events

so don’t be surprised you keep being surprised

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